–Concert Attire

2016-2017 WHS Concert Attire
Members of all music performance ensembles are expected to purchase their concert attire or obtain a used outfit from the boosters or a friend (or sibling).

The young men wear formal black tuxedos, including tux shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, jacket and trousers; these may be purchased directly from Camillo’s in Norwalk on Main Avenue. The Music Department has established a special arrangement with the management there to accommodate our students. The cost is $250.00 (jacket, pants, shirt, cummerbund, tie, and studs), with the black tuxedo shoes $50.00 extra. Camillo’s will also do alterations for the new tuxes. When the boys are fitted, Camillo’s leaves a great deal of expansion room, taking into consideration how much the boys grow in high school. The boys will receive free alterations as they grow. They will NOT get a new tuxedo however! All boys must wear black socks with their black shoes. Please give yourself PLENTY of lead time since the process can take several weeks as Camillo’s serves many music groups in the area, with the first concert on October 21st. Alterations are generally needed so Camillo’s asks for the fittings as soon as possible and NO LATER THAN the two week before concert.

Concert attire is required and must be ready for the Fall Concert on Oct. 19. The young women wear black full-length dresses and black closed toe shoes (NO sandals) with a low heel, (no more than 2 inches) are also required. As soon as the dress is delivered, please measure the length of the garment with the shoes on when hemming the dress. It is important that dresses be uniform in length. When standing on the risers, it is very noticeable if dress lengths are inconsistent. The finished length of the dress should be 1 inch off the floor and touching the top of the toe of the shoe! (No views of stockings or legs).

Hello to all our WHS Chorus families!

I will be coordinating communication for the choral groups this year (Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Men’s Choir, and Madrigals).  Attached is important information about the chorus program for the 2016– 2017 school year.  In addition, be sure to visit the WHS music website www.whsmusicfans.wordpress.com on a regular basis and register there to receive music updates and important chorus information.

The e-mail list of addresses that I received to for you, is the e-mail address that you listed as the primary one for power school. If you would like to the change this e-mail address to a different one or add another one, please let me know.  Also , if  you have any questions,  do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Looking forward to a great year of singing!

Catherine Magnano


(203) 761 – 1596

WHS takes care of measurements and ordering of dresses . Payment is due when the dress arrives, and checks should be made out to the Wilton High School Activity Fund. The cost is $70.00 and any alterations are the parent’s responsibility.

This year, parent Alison Conroy is helping to distribute the recycled attire. The updates of available items and sizes can be seen at WHSConcertAttire@gmail.com.  The tuxes are free, but be advised that altering the used tuxedos must be paid by the parent, not Camillo’s.  If you are fitted with a used dress, your daughter’s name will be recorded and she will not be measured for a new dress. If you have any questions please contact Alison directly.

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