-Chorus am Rehearsals


The choral program uses the established model of holding before school extra rehearsals. These rehearsals provide the only opportunity for singers from the school’s four separate classes to practice together as the large Concert Choir (as well as with Mrs. Molly Mendola, our wonderful staff accompanist.) Mandatory morning rehearsals, which are part of the quarter grades, work to balance and blend the core of our choral program, the Concert Choir. These sessions are on Tuesday mornings at 7:20 AM. Prompt arrival is necessary and expected due to the complexity of taking accurate attendance for such a large group and in order to fill the quarter grade requirements. Tardinesss does affect the grade. Students should be checked in for credit requirements and in their seats by 7:30AM.A student who misses an AM rehearsal must attend a make-up rehearsal with the director on a scheduled make up time (TBA) after school, usually either another am rehearsal or an after-school session from 3:00-3:45.

As a department, all Music Directors are in agreement that by attending the large choir rehearsals outside school hours, your students will improve within the large ensembles and achieve high quality performances with more challenging repertoire.

Full year schedule for 7:20 AM rehearsals

Thursday!  Sept. 15
Tuesday Sept. 20

Tuesday Oct. 4

Tuesday Oct. 18

Tuesday Nov. 1
Tuesday Nov. 15
Tuesday Nov. 29

Tuesday Dec. 6

Tuesday Jan. 24

Tuesday Feb. 7
Tuesday Feb. 21

Tuesday Mar. 7
Tuesday Mar. 21

Tuesday Apr. 4

Tuesday May 9

Tuesday May 16
TBA (students going on Adjudication Trip only)
Students going on the trip will get extra credit on Individual and Ensemble Growth

Tuesday May 20

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