This website is intended for use by the WHS Music Boosters to communicate information that parents and guardians need to know about the Wilton High School Orchestral groups – Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, and Select Orchestra.

Orchestra 2015-2016 information and forms

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First Concert is November 11 and will include a Pre-Concert Reception to meet and greet our 8th grade parents and new freshman booster parents!

Overview of the Courses:

Wilton High School Orchestra The Wilton High School Orchestra performs a wide variety of chamber and symphonic music from the 17th Century to present. At most concerts, the Orchestra performs with wind students from the Wind Ensemble. There are opportunities for advanced students, including Select Orchestra, quartets, chamber music, musicals, and participation in other school activities. The Orchestra performs in various concerts throughout the school year. There is a concert in the fall, the Candlelight Concert which includes the choral groups in the school, a spring concert to raise money for the WHS Music Scholarship, and the FAPA awards concert. The orchestra also performs at Graduation in June. Select Orchestra Select Orchestra at WHS is a select group of orchestra students who display more advanced skills. An audition is required to enter Selected Orchestra. Students in Select Orchestra play more advanced pieces at concerts, and many of the students audition for All-State. Select Orchestra Students sometimes perform with choral groups during the year.

Orchestra at the 2009 Music Adjudication in D.C.

Orchestra at the 2009 Music Adjudication in Washington, D.C.