Concert Attire


Members of all music performance ensembles are expected to purchase their concert attire.


The young men wear formal black tuxedos, including tux shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, jacket and trousers. These may be purchased directly from Camillo’s in Norwalk on Main Avenue. The music department has established a special arrangement with the management there to accommodate our students. The approximate cost is $250 (jacket, pants, shirt, cummerbund, tie, studs), with the black tuxedo shoes $50 extra. However, black dress shoes in good condition are acceptable as well. Camillo’s will also do alterations, such as pant and jacket hems. When the boys are fitted, Camillo’s leaves a great deal of expansion room, taking into consideration how much the boys grow in high school. The boys will receive free alterations as they grow. They will NOT get a new tuxedo however! All boys must wear black socks with their black shoes. Please give yourself plenty of lead time since the process can take a few weeks. Alterations are generally needed so Camillo’s asks for the fittings as soon as possible.


The young women wear black full-length dresses, which are ordered by staff and delivered in time to be hemmed (by a handy parent or a dry cleaner) for the first concert. The cost of the dresses is $90.00. The girls will be measured for their dresses at school immediately following the add-drop period in order to allow for any scheduling changes that might result in a withdrawal from class. Please include a check for $90 made out to the WHS Activity Fund. Black closed shoes (no sandals) with a low heel (no more than 2 inches) are also required. When the dress in delivered, please fit the garment with the shoes when hemming the dress. It is important that the dresses be uniform in length. The finished length of the dress should be 1 inch off the floor WITH the shoes on! Black tights/pantyhose are also required to keep a uniform look because they show when students are seated.

PLEASE NOTE:  Concert Attire Recycling

We have a limited number of formal dresses and tuxedoes, donated by students who have graduated or no longer participate in the music program. This formalwear is in good condition. Students will be able to stop by to try things on and take what they need free of charge. Please contact Jennifer Ward at for additional information.

Donations of formalwear to our new recycling program are accepted at any time.



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