Saturday, October 14, 2017

Norwalk Cavalcade at NHS

Wilton does not compete in the marching band competition among local high schools; we are an exhibition band and perform at the end of the night to entertain the audience while the scores are being tallied for the rest of the groups.  Because Wilton is a ‘dance band’ instead of a competition band, the performance is quite different than the others.  It is great to hear the crowd go wild over the Wilton performance.

We encourage families to attend, as this is an important band fundraiser for the Norwalk program and our support is greatly appreciated.  You can spend the entire evening there watching many incredible competition bands. Wilton will take the field around 7:45pm (estimated).

The musicians meet at Wilton High School for the bus to Norwalk.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend and must arrange to drive (or carpool) their Marching Warriors home.

What to wear/bring?

Dress warmly.  Also bring a blanket or something to sit on.


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