President – Lynn Driver

VP Band – Pam Carlson

VP Chorus – Beth Criswell (Kaduboski)

VP Orchestra – Pam Nobumoto

Treasurer – Maria Wilcox

Trip Coordinator/Head Chaperone – Sam Gumins

Assistant Trip Coordinator/Parent Liaison – Jennifer Gardner

Trip Finance – Patti Sylvia

Trip Fundraising – TBD

Recycled Concert Attire – Alison Conroy

We are still looking for volunteers to help with the following jobs for the Music Boosters for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Please contact Lynn Driver at 203-761-7937 or ladriver@optimum.net with interest or questions.

Marching Band Videography – Take videos of marching band performances, during football games  and prepare slide show for banquet and dvd for memorabilia sales.

Ad Sales—Sell ads for the scholarship concert programs; approach local businesses. Can take as little as a couple of hours. Timeline—January through March.

Scholarship Concert Programs— help create the concert programs used for the scholarship concerts, incorporating the ads. Microsoft Publisher (or Word, if necessary) helpful to have. Timeline—January through June.

Webmaster—maintain and update the Music Boosters website.



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