Choir Requirements


The philosophy of the Music Department is that students should be able to participate in multiple organizations in high school. We do not make students choose between music and other interests as much as possible. By sending out our requirements and schedules early in the fall, we are able to work together with parents, coaches, and other teachers to look at any potential conflicts well in advance. Good communication as soon as a school conflict is discovered enables the faculty to work together to iron out the problems which occur on afternoons and evenings, such as with sports’ schedules. The music and athletic departments share many students, and we work together so students are not placed in the middle.

Students receive grades for all required rehearsals and performances in order to earn one credit for their class. If necessity causes a student to be absent from an evening performance or extra rehearsal, an email from a parent or guardian is necessary prior to the event unless there is an extenuating circumstance. The department’s feeling is that unexcused absences are always avoidable when handled responsibly. Regarding foreseeable conflicts, parents/guardians are asked to send reasonable requests for excused absences by email to Ms. De Groff:

Even with the best communications, some unforeseen conflicts are unavoidable and will be considered on an individual basis by the department. To avoid conflicts please check the evening rehearsals and concert dates immediately to mark your calendar when considering other outside school activities. The music department feels the school schedule should be considered first, and we try to help parents by posting our year’s calendar of events early in the fall. Concerts and extra group rehearsals are graded like tests are in other classes, but they obviously cannot be made up the same way. This being said, each quarter has a morning make-up rehearsal option, though it is preferred the students be at the large combined rehearsal all together.

1. To display technical improvement in vocal performance
2. To learn to perform “musically” in an ensemble.
3. To learn rhythm by using the Robert Shaw count-singing technique
4. To become acquainted with a wide variety of world musical styles.
5. To learn reading skills by using solfege(sightreading) technique.
6. To learn a basic vocabulary and understanding of the vocal mechanism
7. To learn music history, theory, and musical styles
8. To create a safe and supportive atmosphere that will be conducive to risk-taking.
GRADING (Each quarter)

Students are graded on the following point system (per quarter):

1. Four scheduled AM rehearsals (see schedule) from 7:20-8:10 (8 points)
2. Concerts: (12 pts).
3. Dress Rehearsals: (10 points)
These out school day points are subject to change, depending on the number of concerts and dress rehearsals per quarter.

Extra points in the following requirements can be gained through leadership, initiative, auditions, setting an example for others, and basically demonstrating an “above and beyond” spirit. Students are expected to exhibit strong work ethics and respect for the work environment in our large choral classes. With this kind of class environment all have the ability to excel. With last year’s superior ratings in all four choirs, and the two highest rating choirs at the adjudication festival, we demonstrate the Wilton High School “striving for excellence” goal, and give students a wonderful learning and enjoyable experience. What a great year this will be!

4. Individual Skills and growth: (23 points, which will begin at 18 and move up and down during the quarter).
5. Ensemble Skills and Growth: (23 points, which will begin at 18 and move up and down during the quarter)

Grades will be based on the following:
A. Prompt attendance at all rehearsals and performances,
B. Singing and written skills
C. Class participation, based on having required materials in class daily,
marking their music, offering questions and answers in class,
responsibility, respect and cooperation, a supportive nature, focus,
improvement, motivation, and effort.

1. In order to preserve our usable library, each student will be monetarily responsible for his or her own music, returned by the DEADLINE (one week after concerts, no exceptions! ) . Be forewarned. Late music will carry these charges due to the extra hours put on our student librarians who put in extra hours to keep the large database current.
2. Students are required to have their names and sign-out numbers on each piece as they are handed out to get credit when collected. Students will be responsible for damaged music as well, as with any library. Students will be billed the amount of each loaned octavo (some, in the form of books can be quite costly.)
3. Students must come prepared at all classes with the following:
a. 2 pencils (NO pens)
b. ½ inch flat black three ring, available in the school store. They are used every class period and as concert folders.

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